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Shop to rebuild ANY shock that is local and does good work

For all you high mileage motorcycle riders
Does your ride bounce through those turns now when you used to hold a solid line ?
Is “Two-Up fast through the curves” now too much to ask for your ride ?
Time to replace/rebuild your shocks ?

BMW Liquid-Cooled Boxer

Rumor is spreading......
take a look at this article.


Beemer Technical Corner: The Mysterious Oxygen Sensor

For years now, most BMW motorcycles have been fitted with an oxygen sensor (or often two in the case of boxer twins). Most owners have only a general idea that the oxygen sensor is somehow involved with emissions control, but beyond that, its purpose is a bit of a mystery. I’ll try to make this less of a mystery.

Evaporative cooling

I suddenly realized I hadn’t a clue about the science of this. Maybe a smarter member of the club will help me out.

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