Suggested Trips Vernon based 4hrs to 5 days

These trips were designed with Vernon BC as the home base.

If you purchase a guided tour package out of Vancouver, the usual route is along highway #1 and highway #3.   Which, while very nice, are also dangerous and very busy.. Here are some better alternatives.


On any weekend do not be on Hwy #1, too many drivers making unsafe passes.


1.  For a  4 hour ride that is scenic and twisty.    From Vernon go north on hwy #97A  past OKeefe ranch and look for West Side road, which is about 3 miles outside of town. . Take this to Kelowna, come back to Vernon via hwy #97A north.

2. For a  6 hour ride that is scenic and twisty.   From Vernon Go north on hwy #97, under the underpass towards Kamloops /  Falkland – at the Fast Gas station in Falkland take the Falkland--Chase Rd. Note these is about 10 miles of easy gravel starting about midway on this road.  If you have never done gravel, this may be a good road to start on. At the end is highway #1, go east towards Salmon Arm. This is not a good choice on a weekend, as there are some crazy drivers on this road on the weekend. Just about 5 miles past Salmon Arm is the turn off for Highway 97B back to Vernon.


3.  For 5 full days ride that is not very twisty but has some very good sight. This route is a must. It includes 2 free ferry rides. From downtown Vernon ask someone where highway #6 is.  It goes past Polson Mall.   Take hwy #6 to Nakusp, note there is a free ferry about 3 hours into the ride.  Possibly stay at Nakusp hot springs or go a bit further north on highway #23 towards Revelstoke and stop at Halcyon hot springs..   Continue north on highway #23  to Revelstoke, At the Galena Bay ferry check out many eagle nests     At Revelstoke  turn right onto on highway #1 towards Calgary.    I  highly recommend, that while in Revelstoke, you take a side trip on highway #23 north to Mica Dam for scenery, but remember that is about 220 miles round trip without a gas station, so gas up in Revelstoke.  Be aware of moose feeding along this road. Heading east on Hwy #1 you will have a great view of Roger’s Pass. Best done in June for the snow capped peak scenery .. When passing thru Field BC, which is on the provincial border to Alberta,   consider taking bus up to Emerald Lake Lodge in Yoho National Park, Burgess Shale fossil find is nearby.   Yoho Lake is extremely beautifull.    In Alberta, Stay at Lake Louise Inn or somewhere less expensive, check out Lake Louise Inn and the lake and Victoria glacier.   Can go about ½ hour further east on highway #1 to Banff, very  touristy but worth a visit.   From Lake Louise take the Banff / Jasper hwy # 93 to Jasper.   Stop at the Columbia ice fields and walk up or take tour of the glaciers.  If you have camping gear, there are many camping grounds and also there are 5 youth hostel cabins along the Banff / Jasper hwy .    Watch out for bears.     Jasper is a very pretty town but maybe a little too touristy for you.  .    Take the Yellowhead highway # 16 west towards Valemont, watch for Robson Glacier along the way.     Take highway #5 south.   stop at  Clearwater (Helmcken Falls in Wells Gray prov. Pk is worth a visit).   Continue onto Kamloops, and back to Vernon.

 4.  For a 1 day ride 20 miles of fairly easy gravel, some real cowboy country.   North out of Vernon and take the highway #97A towards Armstrong.  Continue onto Westwold and at the west end of Westwold look for Douglas Lk rd.    The gravel starts soon and continues for about 20 miles. This gravel is a little challenging as it is narrow and in some spots loose.    Stop at Douglas Lk ranch for a bite to eat and look at the tack shop upstairs in store   Continue on Douglas Lake road to end, past the large power installation, at the highway #5A  turn left and go about 5 miles south to Quilchena   Continue south on highway #5A and at the bottom of a long hill look for Campbell Creek Rd. (watch for this small sign) – this is  a pretty easy is easy gravel rd, although a bit loose in spots.   At the end of Campbell Creek rd is Happy Valley – turn right onto Barnhartvalle Rd.    At the end of this road you are back on Highway #97, take this south past Monty Lk and eventually into Vernon 

5.  For 2 full days ride, very scenic and very twisty. rides    From downtown ask someone where highway #6 is.  It goes past Polson Mall.   Take hwy #6 to Nakusp, note there is a free ferry about 3 hours into the ride.  Possibly stay at Nakusp hot springs.   Continue east on highway #6  to New Denver   At New Denver visit Japanese interment camps.   In New Denver look for highway #31A to Kalso, on the way to Kaslo, you could stop in Sandon for a  fairly easy dirt ride (visit restored silver mining town).   We like to stay in Kaslo, you can camp in the village Trailer park or you can go south of  Kaslo on highway #31 about 30 miles and stay in a campground reserved for motorcyclist called  Toad Rock.     Continue south to Balfor Bay.  Take the free ferry to Kootenay Bay.     In Kootenay Bay continue south to Creston.  Take highway #3 west towards  Grand Forks.  Past Grand Forks look for  Hedley.. Consider a tour of Hedley mines about 1 mile up on a steep hill side.    At Rock Creek you can take the highway #33 north from here to Beaverdale.   Stop at Beaverdale hotel as this is the oldest hotel in BC and have a beer.  Continue onto Kelowna and north to Vernon.


6.  For 2 full days or 4 days ride, scenic and some twisties    South on highway #97 towards Kelowna (gas up in Westbank, turn your heated vest on)  About 20 miles south of Kelona take highway #97C towards Merrit (turn your vest off).   Pass through Merritt and look for highway #8 towards  Spencers Bridge.  Take highway #1 south to Lynton – from here you must decide between a 2 day ride or a 4 day ride.   For the 4 day ride you can take highway  #12  to Lillooet – then hwy #99 to Pemberton – Whistler (the site of 2010 winter Olympics).   Whistler would be a fun place to stay as it is beautifull and lots of night life.  Continue on hwy #99 south to Vancouver.   In Vancouver take highway #1 back to Hope and onto Kelowna or Kamloops and finally Vernon.  For the 2 day ride take Highway #1 to Hope and back to Kelowna. or Kamloops and finally Vernon.


7.  For 2 long days ride, ride is boring, but destination is good. Barkerville, old gold

mining town, restored. The historic town is interesting but the ride is not.   Follow highw #97 north through Kamloops and just before Quesnel there is highway #26 to Barkerville.  Stay in Barkerville at one of the old hotels.  Must reserve hotel in advance.


8.  -many wineries with free sampling in Kelowna and further south, of  Kelowna, try

Misson Hill or Quails Gate in Kelowna. Take highway #97 south of Kelowna and 3rd light south of the bridge take left and follow road to either winery)   At Quails Gate I suggest tasting Ice Wine (the only tasting that they charge for) and purchase a bottle for gift.

 9. -drag bike races in Ashcroft near to Kamloops

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