Touring Checklist

When touring, there is always the question of what to take?

Space is limited so it is best to take items that are small (camp towel instead of beach towel) or can do double duty. (Zip off pants instead of jeans,)
Here is my list of things I take on a tour; it is in a constant state of evolution as I change it as new products come available or my needs change.
Martin Hobbs.



  • Tent / fly / pegs / extra pegs.  Folding chair. Bike cover.
  • Tent footprint. Flashlight & batteries.
  • Sleeping bags, pillows. Insurance / registration / licence.
  • Big Agnes sleeping pads Pump. Glasses, sunglasses / sunscreen.
  • Money / credit cards. Maps / pen / paper.
  • Swiss army knife, Knife. Fork. Spoon x2
  • Camera and charger. Water bladder. Mugs
  • MOA anonymous / address book
  • Business cards / matches, Mosquito dope. Watch.
  • First aid kit  / Tylenol / passport / any papers needed on trip.



  • Riding gear. Liner, helmet.   Sweater / shorts.
  • Riding boots /rain boots    toque / hat / head skin
  • Rain suit, Gloves, cold / hot / rain.
  • Electric vests, Hankies 4
  • Zip offs pants x 2, Socks x 5
  • Long johns, Sandals
  • 1 light shirt for riding in. Swim trunks
  • T-shirts 3, Long sleeve shirt 1
  • Belt, underwear 5, Earplugs 6
  • Washing kit. Tooth brush. Paste. Face cloth. Razor.
  • Lather. Deodorant. Soap, shampoo, lotion, nail clippers,
  • Q tips, small Towel. (Sham wow).
  • Any personal medications.


  • Lemon pledge. Tank bag.
  • Tool kit plus extras. Spark plugs.
  • Spare nut, bolts, ties. Insulation tape, duct tape.
  • Wire / string / hose clamps. Fuses / bulbs, Matches. 
  • Lock & cable.  Tie downs and cargo net.
  • Keys plus spare. Tire pressure gauge.
  • Hand cleaner. Cooking shield.
  • Stove, pots, dish soap. Plate. Chamois, rags.
  • Rubber bands.  Clothespins.
  • Alt. Belt. Garbage bag. Extra oil.

Here´s an easy way to create your own packing list by clicking this link.
This document is provided by Mark Lewis.
Follow the instructions on that page and print it out using the File ->Print option of your browser.

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