Shop to rebuild ANY shock that is local and does good work

For all you high mileage motorcycle riders
Does your ride bounce through those turns now when you used to hold a solid line ?
Is “Two-Up fast through the curves” now too much to ask for your ride ?
Time to replace/rebuild your shocks ?

As you know BMW shocks are not rebuildable (not sure about ALL BMW shocks), so consider an after market shock for a replacement.  For two reasons,  you can save money the next time with a rebuild instead of a replacement, and the aftermarket show will give you a better ride.
Now instead of the cost, risk, delay and confusion of mailing your shock away for a rebuild you can now use the services of a local shop.  on Kalamalka Lake Rd in Vernon.
 I have Ohlin shocks on my R1100GS and this local shop rebuilt them for me such that they look and feel like new again.    His price was better than anywhere else and he had it done in 2 days.  
He showed me around the shop and he had a very clean and well equipped shop.  
He also is very knowledgeable on how they work.   
Check out Ian McKill at 250-542-0269    
But let him know you are coming his shop is a one man show so sometimes he is out.
Ian says he can rebuild ANY shock as long as it is not welded.  

Disclaimer:   I have not financial or otherwise interest in this business, just a satisfied customer and passing on information about a handy shop to know about for your winter projects.

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