Vice President - Dan Mirabent

Proud father and husband, respectful of my heritage, adore my family, in love with life, coffee and motorcycles; it’s always been about the journey, not the destination. Riding motorcycles has always been a passion, purchased my first motorcycle at the age of 18 and always had one since then. Different brands and styles, but there has always been a constant element: The Ride. 


Motorcycles not only have been my vehicles for transportation, but as well to explore the world, clear my mind and most important, meet great people. I have made great friendships thru motorcycles and I hope to keep building more. Never measure someone by the size of their engine, but by the size of their heart, this has proven true over and over again. 



I bought my first BMW in 2000, a 650 GS and since then I have been updating and upgrading to other GS. Currently have a 2017 GSA, been a MOA member for long but recently joined the VBMW riders in 2017 and all I can say is that is a great pleasure and great group to be part. Gratitude reciprocates always, I'm very grateful with our club and founding members for giving us this amazing platform to connect and share our passion.




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