President Wayne Corley

I’m still not sure how I got into motorcycles as I don’t have any motorcycle genes in the family tree. However, on my 16th birthday I simply had to own a bright blue Kawasaki 90 two stroke.  That started a lifelong love of riding that has never left me. 


Since then I’ve ridden cruisers, sport tourers and now dual sport motorcycles.  I think it was Robert Fulton Jr. (The author of “One Man Caravan” an early book about motorcycle travels) who said: “People always ask me how fast it goes, but I’m more interested in where it will take me.”  That line has always summed up my riding experience. 

Kathi and I moved to Kelowna in 2005 and shortly after I met Tom Maxted and we began riding together.  I accompanied Tom to several Valley BMW Riders breakfasts and it didn’t take long before I realized that this was a great group of people to associate with, so I paid my membership dues and joined up.

I've always enjoyed the relaxed nature of this club.  Our Breakfast rides and Campouts are set up so that members make their own way to the venues which allows them to ride their own ride either singly or in small groups.  

In 2015 I joined the club executive as Vice President and in 2016 I finally bit the bullet and bought a BMW.  I currently ride a 2001 R1150GS which I am really enjoying.  In what seems as a natural progression I was elected as the Club President in March of 2018.  I'm looking forward to continuing my association with this fine group of people.  



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