Treasurer Tom Maxted

Our TreasurerWhere were you born?
I was born in Brandon General Hospital in 1925.  That’s the ward right next to 1926.

When did you come to BC?
Originally in 1966, I then joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and spent four years in Gimli Manitoba from 1967 – 71, was transferred to Ottawa Ontario from 71 – 82 and was then transferred to Comox BC.  I retired from the military in 1988 and moved to Kelowna.

What is your profession?
I have worked as an aircraft technician, aircraft electrical installer, bus driver and heavy equipment operator.  Now I am a professional retiree and coffee shop critic.


Gardening, restoring old motorcycles and goofing off.

To take a motorcycle trip through New Zealand and Australia, and goof off over there for a while.

When did you start riding?
1960, was too young to have a license but that never deterred me.

What was your first bike?
A Honda 50 step through, after all you meet the nicest people on a Honda, and obviously on a BMW too.

When did you join BMW MOA?

Gary Smith wouldn’t give me his password so that I could look at the flea market on the MOA sight.

When did you join VBMWR?
Can’t honestly remember but I’m sure Martin was instrumental in twisting my arm and relieving my wallet of ten dollars.

Because Martin said if I would give him ten dollars, he would give me twelve dollars worth of goodies.  I just can’t pass up a bargain.

What do you like about both clubs?
The camaraderie, being kept informed of the latest technical innovations, the pot lucks and of course the twelve dollars worth of goodies, which according to Ron is now up to sixteen dollars worth of goodies due to inflation

Good question.

Which do you like to do? Explain! Travel, Tour, Camp, Hotel, Rally? Group ride?
Race? Putter?
Travel & Tour:  Well I’ll just bunch the two together and say I have some great riding buddies and look forward to each and every trip.
Camp:  This is definitely a four letter word and should be avoided at all costs.
Hotel:  Aaaaahhhh!!!, what else can I say.
Rally:  Love it as long as there is a hotel nearby.
Group ride:  Is that anything like a group hug?
Race:  What happens when two of you share a hotel room, both wake up at the same time and head for the bathroom.
Putter:  I think I am becoming a professional putterer as I mature.

Highlights in your Riding career?
Learning to keep a motorcycle upright.

Learning that you can’t always keep a motorcycle upright.

What is the meaning of life?
Life is like a box of chocolates, sweet, fattening, full of cholesterol, but it sure as hell beats the alternative.

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