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I began making custom motorcycle seats 20 years ago -- my first one was for my 1986 K75.

I had purchased one of the more advertised brand name custom motorcycle seat for my 1983 800 RT but I had to ship it back to California as it did not fit me -- even though I drove down there and they measured me up.
I got so disgusted that I began making my own. I did not worry too much about it because I grew up with a trade that required shaping and moulding various materials from their raw state.
Here's what I do: I use the existing seat and usually partially use the existing seat foam and then add, remove, shape and modify the seat as needed -- according to the rider's height, weight and riding position.
The key is that the rider's butt has five contacts from the custom seat -- in this way the rider's weight is more evenly distributed to different sectors of the seat, and hence, the rider can last all day riding without getting a sore butt.
I usually ask that the rider spends the good part of a day in my workshop for, as the seat progresses, I get the rider to do about three test rides to make sure that there no pressure points that should not be there.
On the last test ride, I ask that the rider spends at least 20 to 30 minutes in the saddle and, if everything feels okay, then I finalize finishing the seat. I do not cover the new seat -- there are many good upholstery shops and it is a matter of finding one that does a good job.
I know which one to go to here in Kamloops. Since I made my first seat, I have made at least 15 more. Right now I have requests to make two custom seats for two F650 GS. The one fellow, from Calgary, will be going on a world tour with his wife in two months time -- I met him at last year's get-together at Nakusp.
The cost for the special density foam I use usually comes to around $20 to $25 and a can of foam glue comes to another $25. So, for fifty dollars, you can have a custom seat designed and moulded to fit your butt.
The covering by an upholstery shop can vary from $100 to around $200. Most of the brand name custom motorcycle seats sell from at least $350 U.S. and up to six and even seven hundred dollars.
I will be putting on a technical session this summer -- on how to make your own custom seat. If anyone is interested, please let me know and I will contact you when I have a few people interested.
My e-mail is: and my phone number is: 250-377-8022

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For 2 pictures of my custom seat for my F650 GS -- in the production stage and after it was upholstered.

Herman Kovacs
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