Pelican hard saddle bags

There are quite a few brand name metal panniers out there as aftermarket bags. These are mostly  good but they are also expensive -- close to $1,000.

I researched the internet and found a very reasonable priced cases that are dust, wind, water and pressurized proof and are often used on motorcycles.
These are the Pelican Cases -- extremely strong and secure and they are used to house delicate instruments, camera equipment, etc.
You can stand and jump on them and not deform or break them.
They have been used for such purposes for many years. The best price I found was from Foam, Plastics & Rubber Products Corp. at 4765 E. Bryson Street, Anaheim, Ca 92807.
I paid $211.00 Canadian for the pair but I went to Oroville to pick them up -- I had them shipped to the local parcel receiver.
The phone number is: 714-779-0990 and their e-mail is: info@caseclub,com.

Attached is a picture ofthem mounted on my F650GS. When you order them, ask to have the ones without the foam insert -- it is cheaper and, for motorcycle saddlebags, you don't need the foam insert anyway.
There are different sizes and the most common ones ordered for motorcycles is the 1550 model. Capacity is 35 litres per case and the outside dimension from one saddlebag to the other is 38".
You will need mounting mounting brackets -- they are available from Happy Trails Products, 4545 W. Chinden Blvd. Boise, Idaho 83714. The phone number is: 208-377-8771.
The rack, mounting kit and shipping came to $309.00 and delivered to my door. So, for five hundred dollars, I have a set of strong wind and waterproof saddlebags at about half price of others.
Oh yes, mounting the bracketry was the easiest I ever did -- every bolt fitted into the slots perfectly -- Happy Trails did an excellent job of designing the brackets for the F650GS.
I'm sure that the fit would be similar for other BMW models.

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For front and side view of Pelican cases mounted on my F650GS

Herman Kovacs
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