Home made radiator guard

Many BMW's do not come with radiator guards. My F650 GS did not. I removed the lower small front fender and installed fork boots and an aftermarket fork brace.

Then I made my own radiator guard.
You can order one from somewhere in the States but it will cost you well over $200.00 U.S.
My system cost $2.20. I went to a local welding/fabrication shop here in Kamloops and told the manager what I wanted -- some small-holed expanded metal and he took me right away to the correct stuff.
I think it helped that hewas also an off-road rider.
It measured about 10" by 15" and he just gave it to me. I cut out the appropriate size with my cut-off  blade on the Dremel tool, bought some black self adhesive automotive door trim and mounted it.
The corners I cut to about 45 degrees and secured the corners with black tacky automotive window moulding adhesive. The radiator plastic shroud is held on by four small bolts which I used to secure  the radiator guard.
But you need four 1 1/2" little metal angles which can be purchased from any hardware store. Attached is a picture of the finished grill.

Open (Sorry, broken link)

For a picture of finished radiator grille

Herman Kovacs

if you have any comments send them to hkovacs@ocis.net

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