Iron Butt packing list

Sample Packing list from Iron Butt Rally people.
Please note that for the most part, items on this list are not required to be carried during the event. Indeed, we don't even feel as though it would be possible to carry everything included here. The list is offered for those riders who may want a general list as a basic reference point.

Wallet, documents, and reminders:

Are bills paid?
Towing information (e.g., MTS, AAA)
Traveler's checks
Credit cards
Advise credit card company of travel plans
License (required for rally)
Registration (required for rally)
Insurance papers (required for rally)
Canada card (Canadian proof of insurance)
Extra pens
Small spiral-bound notebook
Multi-colored highlighters for maps
Address book or list (for emergencies)
Contact information for rally check-in

General list:

Extra pair of glasses or contact lenses
Earplugs x 11 sets (replace daily)
Radar detector
Bungee net or cords
Towel for windshield
Windshield cleaner
Small mag flashlight
Golden Eagle Pass (for national parks)
Tape deck for notes
Cassette tapes
Polaroid camera
Polaroid film (for Gold Medal, 70 shots)
Flash (built-in with newer Polaroid cameras)
Backup point-and-shoot camera with flash
35mm film
Rain suit
Rain boots
Balaclava (a silk face mask)
Lawn/garden bags (protection, laundry)
Cellular phone with A.C. adapter
Sun hat (for hikes)
Water bottle
Screaming Meanie alarm/timer
Power supply for computer


Chap lip protection
Sun tan lotion
Hand/body lotion
Hair brush
Shave cream
Disposable razors
Visine or eye moisturizing product
Nail clippers


Riding outfit
Light jacket
Jeans (1 to wear, 1 to pack)
Socks x11 pair
Underwear x11
Shirts x5
Heavy shirt
Electric vest and cord
Electric gloves and cord
Warm weather gloves
Beach or bath towel
Riding boots

Tools (in addition to stock tool kit):

Pocket multi-meter
Large tie wraps
Small tie wraps
Tire irons
Flat repair kit (is glue fresh?)
CO2 cartridges
Hand air pump
Tubes for tires
Electrical tape
Wire strippers
8, 10, 12, 14, 17, 19mm sockets
8, 10, 12, 14, 17, 19mm wrenches
4, 6, 8, 10mm Allen wrenches
Ratchet extension
Duct tape
Needle nose pliers
150mm adjustable wrench
Flat screwdriver
Phillips screwdriver
Vise grips, small and large
Stainless steel wire

Motorcycle preparation:

Service and/or replace battery
Change fuel filter
Change air filter
Check accessory plug
Replace hydraulic fluid
New tires
New chain and sprockets
Tune up
Cables (tape in place along side other cables)
Headlight and taillight bulbs
Assorted fuses

Medical supplies:

First aid kit (recommended for rally)
Med-Alert bracelet or I.D. cards


Atlas you can tear apart as needed
U.S.A. map x2
Western states x2
Central states x2
Eastern states x2

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