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Adrian & I left home around 8 am on Friday hoping to get there early for some set-up. Our plan was interrupted when Adrian noticed my brake and t...
We were still among the first to arrive in Cawston and we had a fine choice of tent sites. We set up the shelters then set up our own tents. Here is...
Martin & Joanne showed up early and grabbed a choice spot on the edge of the bluff to set up "Daisy Bay".
Estelle wisely chose a nice shaded area to set up her camp.
We had only been on site for a short while before Martin was lusting after the VespaCar. I can just see him running around Armstrong in this gem. Un...
The Helm farm has had a fair amount of orchard removed and has a lovely grassy area surrounded by various lawn ornaments of the automotive variety. B...
The tents seem to be conglomerating in the Northwest corner overlooking the bluff. It would turn out to be a fairly windy area on Friday night.
A nice view to the Northwest off of the bluff. Keremeos in the distance with some ominous looking clouds forming.
The tent area gradually filled up with Erich, Bill and Doug showing up and pitching their homes for the weekend. Friday evening got quite windy and i...
Saturday morning started off warm and clear. Coffee was on early and we gathered for the traditional shared treats. CW from left: Rob, Adrian, Brian...
More coffee and food. L-R: Brian, Martin, Ron, Doug & Joanne.
beautiful morning in a great location.
There is a lot of room on this site. We had a total of 24 people camping and another 6 attended on Saturday and stayed for Pizza. We could easily ha...
Martin & Joanne's minibus shared the bluff with John & Irene's Rig.
Brian & Judy enjoying the morning coffee.
Jim and Reg solving the morning's problems.
Estelle & Tola.
Adrian is giving a tour of his R1000 GS to Rob, John, Doug and Bill.
Erich & Ron.
Random shot of some of the lawn ornamentation. For more photos of the collection of vehicles, check out Wayne's gallery at
Brian & Margaret were camping in their new trailer.
Erich & Ron checking out Erich's Honda CRF250 Rally. it's a sweet little bike that performs very well on the highway.
Looking South from the bluff overlooking downtown Cawston.
Doug and Bill relaxing after their morning coffee.
John and Irene arrived in this outfit. The Ural Sidecar fits nicely on the trailer and it looks like an excellent rig to be out and about exploring.
As usual, Martin and Joanne have their camp set up comfortably.
A panorama shot of Cawston from the bluff. This is a spectacular location.
Jim & Tola opted to come on four wheels. This allows the use of the larger tent and cots. Comfort? Why not?
One of the items surrounding the main field is an antique gravity fed gas pump.
In case anyone was wondering if some bikes showed up for the weekend.
Estelle contributed some photos including this lovely shot looking south from the bluff over Cawston.
This would be looking West over Cawston.
Many of the building on site have been collected by Ken over the years to house his collection. Most have been dismantled at their original locations...
This Ford "Roadster" is currently licensed for use. Ken and Corrine were seen several times running around Cawston and Keremeos in it.
The upholstery seems to be bit make-shift but it obviously works.
L-R: Doug, John, Irene, Bill and Wayne discussing the plans for the day.
A cockpit view of Doug's Yamaha Tenere. Irene, Bill, Wayne & John in the background.
Another shot of Wayne, John, Doug and Bill. Thanks to Erich for some of our photos. This way I actually get into a few shots.
Erich's room with a view for the weekend.
Rob & Wayne. Getting suited up for a ride.
The group gathering for a ride. The plan is to head up Fairview Road which crosses the hill in the background and runs over to Oliver. Bill will lea...
L-R: Ron, Reg, Brian, Tammy, Bill, Wayne & Rob.
While several of us headed out on the ride, Estelle wandered about the property taking some photos. This one is on Barcello Road on the Cawston Bench...
This area seems like "main street" with buildings on either side containing collectibles.
The peaches looked almost ready to eat. These were actually on the next farm over so there was no picking allowed.
The view from the back of Estelle's camp site.
There were some areas that just seemed to congregate stuff.
This is a Mercury-Arc Rectifier and it is about 3 feet tall. From Wikipedia: "A mercury-arc valve or mercury-vapor rectifier or (UK) mercury-arc...
This sign on this cabin was salvaged from a local cafe and cabins that has since gone by the wayside. It seems somewhat appropriate given the curren...
This must be an early version of the Vespacar as later versions were marketed as a Piagio Ape. From Wikipedia: "The Piaggio Ape (Italian: [ˈpja...
Meanwhile, our intrepid group had arrived at the viewpoint/launching area. Ron and Judy had wisely decided the road was not suitable for 2-up riding....
One can certainly see why this would be a great place to launch hang gliders. It's very open and there is a rising wind coming up the hill. L-R: Bi...
Gumby is taking in the view.
Cawston in the foreground and Keremeos in the background with the Similkameen River running through the valley.
Erich is outstanding in his field.
A beautiful view of the grasslands with the Similkameen River valley in the background.
A zoomed in view of a beautiful valley.
A panorama shot of the view from the Hang Glider launch site.
L-R: Wayne, Ken & Randy
Adrian, obviously having a great day.
If you're getting tired of the photos from here, believe me, I pared these photos down quite a bit. It was awesome up here.
Erich, Adrian and Randy. This photo gives a bit of an idea of how steep the terrain was.
A zoomed in photo of the Helm family farm from the view point.
I had to take this photo on the Cell phone to send to Kathi. We had surprisingly good Cell signal up here. L-R: Adrian, Erich, Ken and Randy.
Randy, Ken & Wayne.
We were on the edge of the South Okanagan Grasslands Protected Area. This is part of the area that is being considered for a new National Park. Just...
We returned down to Fairview Rd and carried on toward Oliver stopping in to check out Madden Lake Recreation Area.
Madden Lake Recreation Area. L-R: Erich, Ken, Randy & Adrian.
Adrian and I were interested in this as a possible camping spot to bring the trailers. It looks pretty nice. Maybe a few fish in the water.
Wayne testing the integrity of the dock.
Our planned next move was to check out nearby Ripley Lake Recreation Site. We never got there. Just outside of this site, Ken led us up a fairly ste...
My leg was obviously injured. I was pretty sure something was broken. Erich rummaged through the brush and found an "appropriate" tree to...
In the meantime, Estelle was checking out the swimming hole at the Cawston Park.
The Similkameen River near Cawston.
Another nice shot of the Similkameen River. I'm not sure if Estelle went for a swim or not.
My "accident" had happened about 11:30 AM . By 1:30 PM I had been through Triage at the Oliver Emergency, had my boot and riding pants remo...
Around 2 PM I received a text and photo from Brian. Gumby was safely back at the camp ground. Connie had gone up with Brian to Madden Rec Site and B...
At 3:45 PM X-Rays were complete and I learned I had a radiaI fracture of my fibula. I was prepped for transport to Penticton Regional Hospital as the...
Meanwhile back at the farm (I couldn't resist) dinner time rolled around. We had arranged to have pizza at the Crowsnest Vinyard as a group. Out doo...
Estelle took on the job of official recorder. Thanks Estelle. Gord, Eileen, Brian and Margaret.
CW: Doug, John, Reg, Erich, Irene and Bill.
CW: Jim, Martin, Joanne, Cindy and Tola.
CW: Bill, Tammy, Connie, Corrine, Ken and Brian.
CW: Judy, Adrian, Rob, Dan and Ron.
Corrine and Ken climbing into their chariot after dinner.
Corrine and Ken. We can't thank you folks enough for hosting us on your lovely property. We really enjoyed it.
I woke up from Surgery about 8:30 PM with some new hardware. My friend Fred picked me up at the hospital around 9:30 PM and I was at home by 10:30. ...
Sunday morning contemplating at least 6 weeks of crutches. My riding season is effectively over, but hopefully everyone else will have a safe summer ...
I understand that Reg and Erich are going to try to manufacture a part for a certain bike for Brian. I'm looking forward to finding out how that turn...
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