Midway Camp-N-Ride

Midway Camp-N-Ride
Fri, September 10, 2021 - Sun, September 12, 2021
Frank Carpenter Memorial Campground - Midway, BC


As of today (August 19th) our annual Midway Camp-N-Ride is a go for the first weekend in September after Labor Day.  While we have a "4th Wave" happening in the central Okanagan with indoor masking restrictions and size of gathering restrictions, this isn't yet affecting the Boundary Region.  Even if it were, the current restrictions here call for a maximum outdoor gathering of 50 people so we should be good.    

The other wild card we have been watching is the wildfire scene.  As of today the large fires in Osoyoos and Okanagan Falls have been fairly quiet even though they are still considered "out of control".  There are no evacuation alerts/orders in place for the Rock Creek/Midway areas.  I rode down to Rock Creek today and smoke was very minimal and there was even few drops of rain at higher elevations.  Unless something major happens we should be OK here as well.  Keep an eye on this site for any changes.  

We have the group camp area reserved from Thursday to Monday.  Camping in the grassy group area will be $15 per night for either a tent or an RV.  Bear in mind there are no hookups in this area so if you're bringing an RV be prepared for "dry" camping.  

The club has reserved a couple of serviced sites and one of these is still available as of today.  This site will $20 per night and is available on a first come first served basis.  To reserve this site, please contact either Wayne (president@valleybmwriders.com) or Judy (events@valleybmwriders.com).  We'll change this notice when the site is taken.  

The US border is now open for our American friends who are fully vaccinated to cross.  However I believe you will still have to get a negative test after crossing and I don't know of anywhere in Midway where this could be done.  If you wish to cross into Canada for this event I strongly advise that you do some research to confirm the entrance requirements and where testing is available.   

As usual, we'll have coffee on in the mornings and please plan to brings some snacks/treats/goodies to share for Saturday morning breakfast.  (Bring your own coffee cup.)  

We are planning to hold a group dinner on Saturday night at the campsite.  We will either arrange for some rotisserie chicken from the local store or we'll bring food for a barbecue.  Please let me know if you are coming and are interested in partaking of this dinner.  (president@valleybmwriders.com)  We just need some numbers to get enough food.




Frank Carpenter Memorial Campground